If you want to spend a few days, or maybe just a special weekend at a peaceful place located at the seaside and equipped with all the comfort and an unforgettable panorama within reach, the ideal choice is the Pousada Maranduba, certainly one of the best hotels on the North shore of São Paulo. 

Approximately 200 km. distant from São Paulo, the Pousada Maranduba is located south of Maranduba Beach and in such a privileged position as to let all the 19 rooms have a wonderful view upon the Mar Virado Bay and the tropical gardens that separate them from the beach.

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  • The Islands of Mar Virado Bay

    The Mar Virado Bay offers us a unique view: the sea, which is almost always calm, surrounds a group of islands, among them the Maranduba Island with its paradise-like beach, just in front of the hotel. You can reach this island by rowboats or kayaks, offered by the hotel. Further away you... Read more!
  • Ubatuba

    Some 30 km. to the North you can find Ubatuba, a small town of 50.000 inhabitants where you can see the Anchieta Cross, symbol of the Iperoig peace settlement of 1563. There are still some colonial constructions like the cathedral, the old prison restored in 1903 and the City Hall. On... Read more!
  • Paraty

    A historical city that is protected by State laws and is a national monument that is located 100 km. from the Pousada, on the inner part of the Baia Grande on the way to Rio de Janeiro. It would be unforgivable to be on the North shore and not go to... Read more!
  • Bananal Farm

    On the road to Cunha, 6km. away from Paraty, this farm is famous for its \\\"pinga\\\" (sugarcane beverage), the Caninha Murycana, but also has a zoo with tropical animals and a little restaurant where you can savour typical country dishes and \\\"pingas\\\" with various flavours.... Read more!
  • Trekking

    Departing from the hotel there are many possibilities for trekking through the tropical forest and arriving on charming isolated beaches. All the tours to Ubatuba, Paraty, Fazenda Bananal and trekking can be organized through the personnel at the front desk, who will provide you with all the necessary information.... Read more!